When selecting supplements, it's important to look at their ingredients for quality, purity and efficacy. To help you maintain optimal health, Whole food supplements should supply our bodies with vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients found in nature, which we may not be getting from our diet.

I recommend a variety of natural supplements to enhance your health and help to correct any current or long-standing nutritional deficiencies you might have. I offer many proprietary blends formulated for specific nutritional situations. Please contact me for pricing and pick-up of these and other supplements:

Multivitamin with minerals
Karuna® Maxxum 3
Karuna® Maxxum 4

Joint support
Karuna® Glucosamine MSM

GI support
Nutri-West®Total Probiotics
Nutri-West® L Glutamine
Nutri-West® Whole Leaf Aloe

Immune System support
Nutri-West® Total Virx
Nutri-West® Total Multimune

Standard Process® Multizyme
Standard Process® Zypan

Blood Sugar support
Nutri-West® Vanachrom
Nutri-West® Alpha Lipoic Acid
Nutri-West® Metagenics
Nutri-West® Chromium Picolinare

Mineral support
Thorne Research® Magnesium Citrate

Nutri-West® Quercetin