Six hidden benefits of your daily exercise routine

We exercise for all the right reasons that everyone talks about - to lose weight, tone muscles and improve our overall health. But medical research studies show that there are additional benefits you might not be thinking about – and we all can use a little extra motivation to get up and move, right?

  1. Better mobility – Daily long walks (or an hour or two of similar activity) can reduce the age-related deterioration of your motor abilities.
  2. Improved memory – Twenty minutes of strength-training exercises can boost your long-term memory by ten percent.
  3. Reduced anxiety – Exercise releases neurotransmitters that quiet your brain and improve your response to stressful situations.
  4. Stronger immunity – You’ll beat a cold or the flu much faster if you exercise regularly, plus you’ll reduce your risk more more serious health conditions like diabetes or heart disease.
  5. Deeper sleep – Fall asleep faster, stay asleep longer and kick those sleeping pills to the curb.
  6. Higher self-esteem – In addition to feeling better about your body, regular exercise will improve your stamina and your libido.

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