Why daily meditation matters

why daily meditation matters

“If there is only one thing you can do every single day…meditate.”

That’s what all the experts say – do you? Many of us probably prefer to fill our time with activities that feel more productive, provide a memorable experience, or give us something tangible as a result. Whether it’s working or playing – we all love to reap the rewards of our efforts.

Perhaps that’s one reason why many of us find meditation to be challenging to work into our daily routine. Some may even feel that renewing your mind and body through meditation is a waste of time – if you’re going to sit down and rest, you’d rather do it with a good book or the latest movie. But there are many more benefits to meditation than you might realize and it deserves more priority in your busy life.

Think about the concept of renewal like an office workspace. Your desk needs to be cleaned up and organized regularly so you can get more work done. Same with your kitchen – the dirty dishes need to be washed and put away so you can cook another meal. When you meditate daily, you’re clearing your mind and reenergizing your body so you’ll be more thoughtful and productive.

With each day that you practice meditation, the benefits will become more apparent. You’re likely to feel a stronger sense of inner peace. You’ll begin to notice changes in your emotions and coping mechanisms, which impacts how you perceive and interact with other people and external circumstances.

During meditation, you get to step back and observe your own thoughts and feelings, as if you were a third party. Soon you’ll find yourself observing how people around you behave. You start paying more attention to what happens within your environment – this kind of self-awareness is highly therapeutic for managing stress and anxiety triggers.

Other valuable benefits of meditation include feeling calmer and more grounded about your decisions. You’ll become skilled at being more mindful and present in each moment – so much of life just passes us by while we’re busy multi-tasking. You’ll develop a better ability to stay focused on matters at hand and find more sources of creative inspiration. Imagine how those skills will affect how you deal with issues like healthy eating habits or pressing deadlines at work.

People who meditate regularly say it gives them more energy to get through the day. Meditation keeps us feeling positive and stable, ready to face whatever adventures or challenges are in store.

If you suffer from insomnia, meditating before you go to bed helps to remove the clutter and noise that our minds try to sort out while we sleep. You’re more likely to get a peaceful night’s rest and feel more rejuvenated in the morning.

There are several different ways to meditate – do a little research online or at your favorite bookstore to find a method that you like the best.


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